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And we were going to bed. I kept scratching my legs because they get itchy sometimes. You told me to put some lotion on them to make the itching go away. I went over to the desk and pumped some of the green tea lotion onto my palms and smoothed my legs with the sweet smell. I went over to get a bit more, for my hands this time. But on top of the lotion container sat a large wasp with its wings upright as if waiting to attack.

You had been in bed naked, waiting for me to take away some of your warmth with my cold feet. I told you about the wasp calmly, but you got up quickly and came over to look at it as if you didn’t believe me. A momentary panic flew through the air as the wasp stood as still as we did peering over at it together.

I ran downstairs to get a large glass to trap it with, and you stayed in your room naked as a baby. I came back and handed you the glass. You tried trapping the wasp with it as it flew towards you. This did not work. I laughed, you laughed, and we lost sight of it. 

We slowly rustled the sheets on the bed, and less slowly hit books and shoes on the ground. You soon found the wasp, and slowly trapped it within the glass. We sat next to it on the ground and looked at it for a while. You were still naked and my legs were no longer itchy. 

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